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Mandatory Alcohol & Drug Awareness and Education ProgramCourt Ordered Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

Families and Adolescents in Recovery, Inc. (FAIR) offers an Awareness Program designed for adolescents who have received a school code and/or court violation but do not meet qualifications for substance use disorder treatment.

Court Ordered Drug and Alcohol Evaluations go through FAIR Counselings Drug Awareness and Education ProgramStatistics show that adolescents who have participated in prevention education or have had a dialogue regarding the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors (SAMSHA, 2011). The Awareness Program is an effective six-hour drug and alcohol prevention and education program comprised of a screening session, two group sessions, and a discharge session. The program also offers supplemental classes for those in need of additional educational hours.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.“
-Carl Rogers

The Drug Awareness Program and Alcohol Awareness Program provides a structured, educational environment designed to help students and their parents explore the consequences, attitudes, and actions related to alcohol and other drug use. Teens who make poor choices involving mood altering substances that violate school or community policy may benefit from our classes regarding the effects of drugs and alcohol on their physiological, emotional, cognitive, and social development.

The program is not substance use disorder treatment, and therefore, is not appropriate for those who need or have received treatment in the past.

Components of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program

The Awareness Program addresses adolescent alcohol and other drug use and its negative consequences. The objective of program is to have the teens examine their own alcohol and other drug use and its impact on their mental/physical health, relationships, values, and goals.

The Awareness Program offers a family component to educate parents on current drug trends/culture, as well as skills to better communicate with their teens about the ramifications of alcohol and other drug use.

For additional information about Awareness and other FAIR programs, or to schedule an appointment for a screening, please call 847.359.5192 Ext 112

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