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Families and Adolescents in RecoveryAn Adolescent Treatment Center in Schaumburg, IL

Serving clients via Telehealth and in person.  We are here to provide support for your mental health and substance abuse recovery in midst of Covid-19 outbreak

Families and Adolescents in Recovery, Inc. (FAIR) serves as a comprehensive and research-based treatment provider for adolescents, young adults, and their families. FAIR provides intensive outpatient programs, continuing care, individual and family therapy based on neuroscience and evidenced-based treatment interventions.

During the treatment process, lives are changed and families are restored.

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(13-18) Adolescent Program

(18-30) Young Adult Program

Our Unique Approach

Individual, Family and Couples Counseling via Telehealth and in person

847.359.5192 or [email protected]


Conveniently Located in Schaumburg, IL

Drug Awareness & Education Programs


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For free consultation please call 847-359-5192.

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