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Appointments and Assessments

All clients have an option to request appointment via online service. Please make sure you mark what service are you looking for (individual therapy, family therapy, assessment for yourself or your loved one or not sure).
FAIR Counseling offers  confidential assessments and referrals for clients experiencing mood or substance abuse issues that impact their daily activities. The appointment or assessment can be scheduled by calling 847.359.5192 or you can submit your request via online form.

Licensed mental health counselors will provide an assessment to determine appropriate level of care. The needs, challenges, and strengths of each individual are considered when making a referral to FAIR Counseling or community services. Some symptoms that impact clients are prolonged sadness, isolation, excessive worry, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, alcohol and drug use, anger outbursts, failing performance at school or work, excessive absences, sleep disturbances, unusual behaviors, and marked difficulties with managing daily activities. We are here to help in addressing them.

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“Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem.”
-Virginia Satir

The staff can also assist in verifying the benefits and insurance coverage for the recommended level of care.